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eroiF: Anthurium Verde (ph)

Marco Victor Romano / eroiF: anthurium verde (ph) / printing on canvas, acrilic / 100×160 (cm)/ 2012_2014

In this artwork, the artist carries out a research about matter and its intrinsic transformation capacity, through which it reshapes the initial aggregation systems to find new ones in a continuum various and varieties infinite.

Starting from here, Romano develops an original parallelism with the Italian socio-economic situation during the first decade of the 21st century, when political controversies and the economic crisis were strongly spoiling the quality of life of its citizens.

Each Italian region is represented by a flower, chosen as a territorial symbol of its beauty and its fragility.

Puglia is represented by Anthurium, with its big heart-shaped leaf, shiny and dangerously thin, green as one of the most beautiful Italy’s lungs.

However, in Romano’s artwork the primeval beauty of the flower disappears: the appearance is disfigured by the action of aggressive external agents, which are artificially reproduced through a heat source. The delicate flower changes in colour, it shrinks, the substance flakes.

It is a degradation process, in which one can read the metaphor of the oppression of an entire nation, trapped in stagnant systems based on the logic of loss.

Despite the harshness of these aseptic mechanisms, Anthurium Verde (ph) interprets a glance at the world that remains calm, imperturbable: in the artist’s vision, there is no place for immanent pathos. The winner is a serene contemplation of History that makes its course, of the accomplishment of evolution, of a change of identity, realized only through the disappearance of another one. The nebulous image of the artwork, with sort of dreamlike flavour, is the synthesis of different moments immortalized during the combustion process. It symbolizes a surrealism combining and exceeding the limits of every single moment in a single vision: the artwork.

Romano suggests a projection of reality unchained from time, exhorting us to grasp the true essence, primeval and eternal.


Anthurium Verde (ph) has been included in the installation of videos and prints in Italia mia da amare Morse sequence, Theatrisospesi Artistic Residence, Salerno 2012.


The artwork also appears in the catalogue of the exhibition *AILATI curated by the critic and art historian Gerardo de Simone at the Faito Doc Festival in Castellammare di Stabia, 2014.

It appeared at Madre di Napoli in Show_Yourself @Madre contest in 2014 and in the exhibition Time Infinity Conjunction at the Dafna Gallery in Naples.


Giovanna Calabrese

Translation curated by Ferri & Ghezzi