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eroiF: Orchidaceae bianca (ph)

Marco Victor Romano / Orchidaceae bianca (ph) / printing on canvas, acrilic / 73,5×130 (cm) / 2014

The eroiF project was born in the context of the Residenza Artistica Teatri Sospesi, held in Salerno in 2014[1].

In this artwork, the natural object is used as an expressive means to investigate the forms of substance aggregation and its infinite variation possibilities.

The eroiF elements are what remains of flowers subjected to combustion. Using an termal gun the organic substance is dehydrated till burning. In a single gesture, static and perpetual, the violent death degradation takes place; just a single act, short but full of fleeting life.

In this process, Romano wants to stage evolution and, at the same time, the unstoppable fall of every Italian region, subjected to the inexorable repression of external and internal factors, which ruin to death their natural, cultural and historical beauty.

In the series eroiF each flower represents an Italian region, creating a set of heterogeneous flower species, characterized by a variety of colours, ordered as in the visible spectrum.

Orchidaceae bianca (ph), with its noble magenta moles, was chosen to represent Veneto’s beauty. Colour added to colour, region to region, that’s what gives birth to the idea of a double-valued complex: as bright as natural light, as exclusive as the beauty of the Italian artistic and environmental heritage.

The shape of Orchidaceae bianca (ph) wanders, composite in colours, dissolved in form but fraught with tension; it is addition and synthesis of individual moments immortalized during the combustion process. The result is the image of a balance, of a sublime beauty freed from time, suspended in an all-absorbing vision accomplished by the dictates of contingency.





Orchidaceae bianca (ph) has been included in the installation of videos and prints in Italia mia da amare Morse sequence, Theatrisospesi Artistic Residence, Salerno 2012.

The artwork also appears in the catalogue of the exhibition AILATI1* curated by the critic and art historian Gerardo de Simone at the Faito Doc Festival in Castellammare di Stabia, 2014.

It appeared at Madre di Napoli in Show_Yourself@Madre contest in 2014 and in the exhibition Time Infinity Conjunction at the Dafna Gallery in Naples.


Giovanna Calabrese

Translation curated by Ferri & Ghezzi

[1] Marco Victor Romano, AILATI, mostra a cura di Gerardo de Simone, 4-29 Agosto 2014, Reggia di Quisisana, Castellammare di Stabia