Marco Victor Romano / Muri Series /mixed technique, wood, cement, plaster, pigments, mirror / site specific / 2017

In Muri, the main theme is imperfection, which oozes like a drop in human nature.

From its earliest beginnings, contemporary art has been trying to recount the fleeting existence, sometimes invading it (as the Fluxus movement does), sometimes crystallizing it in non-forms, retracting or erasing the century-old pact of figurative fidelity with nature, its eternal inspirational, both ally and rival in the search for beauty.

If the figure disappears, here is a new language which, jumping over the wall of understandable to the eye, sinks into feeling, sinking into the sweet Leopardian sea, “ove per poco il cor non si spaura” (almost feeling one’s heart trembling with fear – NdT).

It is exactly in that longing for the infinite, where tension and imagination are measured, that the artistic expression of the second half of the 20th Century has laid the roots of its own research, making the substance “the verb” of the intimate human reality. Without the limits dictated by an admitted logic, without margins marking the boundary where to stop, materials overlap creating form and concept hybrids.
Halfway between the wise technique of classical composition and the “lacerazione della carne” (literally, “Flesh laceration” – NdT) of the great Plastiche by Alberto Burri, Marco V. Romano overcomes the poetics of the twentieth-century sensible substance, offering a new, conciliatory look.

Gypsum, plaster and cement are the bases on which Romano draws unrepeatable colours, the result of a hand-crafted mixing of pure pigments, or overlapping tempera layers, obtained with the classical technique. These surprising pictorial films lay on bare wooden tablets, characterized by an irregular perimeter and rounded corners in soft vertices. As a result, objects with a mysterious and delicate appearance as if they were fragile incrustations of beauty, fortuitous agreements of a visible harmony in appearance but hidden in the structure.

Romano’s Muri plaster is a symbol of art’s communicative faculty, consisting in overlaps, combinations, divisions and destruction. In his hands, the ductile material is a place of an in itinere experimentation, its coloured surfaces are the space in which the different energies of random, single or multiple actions accumulate.
The shorings, the tears, the surface cracks do not succumb to the pessimistic vision of an existence governed by the indomitable case against which man can do nothing, although they recall the body suffering theme by Burri.
The Muri project becomes the stage on which existence takes place, a space in which memory is sedimented and, in the end, a place where the beauty of the individual is built. With the classical composition constructive wisdom, the power of the destructive gesture and the subtlety of chromatic variations, Romano creates symbolic cradles in which precious imperfections born from the encounter-conflict between matter and contingency, soul and world, rest in an eternally antithetical relationship in continuous variation.



Giovanna Calabrese

Translation curated by Ferri & Ghezzi

  1. Muro bv, tecnica mista, legno, cemento, gesso, pigmenti, 27x27cm, 2017
  2. Muro giallo, tecnica mista, legno, cemento, gesso, pigmenti, 39×49, 2017
  3. Muro a, tecnica mista, legno, cemento, gesso, pigmenti, site specific, 24×47, 2017
  4. Muro viola magenta, tecnica mista, legno, cemento, gesso, pigmenti, 10×7, 2017
  5. Muro s, materiale specchiante, muro, legno, 33×33 cm, 2017-2018