Serie _Una

Marco Victor Romano / _UNA series I n°5 / fine art printing/ 80×130 (cm) / 2012/15

The work was exhibited as a site-specific work as part of the Residenza Artistica program held in Castelfalfi in October 2015, for which the artist created the MICROMACROCOSMI exhibition.

The universe and the relationship man establishes with it was the key-theme of the entire exhibition.

Serie_Una is a photographic work on the celestial landscape caught in the space of a night horizon and in the imprecise time of random shots.


“(The work) is a photographic series obtained through a process of random events, detected with an unusual method. The intention is to record chance, possibility, fate. The Moon becomes a mysterious light which multiplies and assumes enigmatic forms well translating the “coherence” feeling surrounding us[1]“.


On a technical level, the work is light-painting variant, a ‘photographic painting. Romano creates serie_Una using rotations and random movements of the camera and having the moon as a fixed light. In this way the artwork is different from the original technique born from the Man Ray’s research on light movements in front of a photographic lens (there are also other important artists, including Picasso).

In the picture, the lunar glow gets doubled, creating visionary harmonies which seem to give birth to new constellations. The luminous profile of the scene horizon is fragmented into jagged outlines, and so is the perspective, loaded with impossible escape points.

To the extent that this artwork multiplies in overlapping visions, it opens to infinite interpretations. Chance is used as a picture-modelling tool, and that weaves that unfounded fil rouge Umberto Eco recognized as the ineffable hook between the scientific, historical and philosophical reality structures and the artistic language.

The connection between interpretation and references to real correspondences is individual and strictly personal; it is precisely in this contribution to vision that the artwork realizes its opening.

Serie_Una seems to show how mankind occupies an infinitesimal part of the cosmic space. The sky is the osmotic membrane which mediates the contact with the terrestrial “beyond”, it is the impalpable veil of May that draws the imprecise margins between known-unknown. Yet it is right there, in the portion of the sky the eye can capture, that the mystery and the infinite possibilities of existence inhabit, it is that one the place in which the human space and time concepts dissolve into unknown realities, leaving room for infinite questions.

In the hyper-reality of the image of _Una, there is a structuring harmony existing in two moments affirmed in two ways: it is as much the result of the execution of the work as the founding idea behind its conception.



Serie_Una appears in the MICROMACROCOSMI catalogue, created for the Residenza Artistica program Castelfalfi, October 2015.



Giovanna Calabrese

Translation curated by Ferri & Ghezzi

Romano, Marco, Victor, MICROMACROCOSMI, by Gerardo de Simone, Edizioni ETS, 2015

[1]Artist declaration