Unito Volge

Marco Victor Romano / Unito Volge series / diptych fine art digital printing, / 40,2×24,9 (cm) each one / 2012/15

Universe: from the Latin universum (the whole), composed of unus (one) versus (face, wrapped. Past participle of vertere, volgere) uno verte, uno volge

Neo or nevo: from the Latin naevus, neo-formation of the skin as the stars, which are new formations, in the universe.

The will to look at one’s own body, discovering that it contains the image of the universe, if seen with an inverted light and vice versa, finding the universe in one’s self and not outside. We all are one with the universe.

“Unito volge”[1]

The work was exhibited for the first time as part of Residenza Artistica held in Castelfalfi during October 2015, for which the artist created his personal MICROMACROCOSMI. The main theme, underlying Romano’s research, is the material and existential man-cosmos connection, which has visible correspondences in the resemblance between the variations of the universe and the physical structures in which the whole terrestrial world is organized.

The artwork Unito Volge wants to think about the formal and structural affinities between the microcosm of human beings and the macrocosm of the universe. The method is a sort of litmus test which, in the inversion game of the parts, verifies and detects a double value truth.

The discourse is organized in a dialectic of negative chromatic changes, which change a starry nocturnal into an epidermal map quilted by moles and vice-versa, as if to reveal that on the rosy skin incarnate dwell astral panoramas parallel images.

During the past, important Physicians, Doctors and Psychologists have been theorizing an effective and sensitive specularity between sky and Earth structures: take “Stardust” by John Gribbin (2009); take the analogies between moles, temperaments and astrological symbols, theorized by Girolamo Cardano (scientist and doctor of the sixteenth century); one might think about the famous Swiss Psychoanalyst, Carl Gustav Jung, who supported the absolute important of astral dispositions on the day of birth, considered responsible for the individual personality. Furthermore, nevology (which studies the moles to get a character-screening and to predict the future) still survives today in the oriental nevomanzia, in China and Taiwan.

In front of Unito Volge’s images, the suggestion of universe infinity and the perception of the astral scenario distance is diluted in a new perspective, more extended but closer, testable on one’s skin.


Unito Volge is included in MICROMACROCOSMI catalogue, created for Residenza Artistica held in Castelfalfi in 2015. Romano, Marco, Victor, MICROMACROCOSMI, edited by Gerardo de Simone, Edizioni ETS 2015.


Giovanna Calabrese

Translation curated by Ferri & Ghezzi

[1] Artist’s statements.